Business Success Tips: 1000 Things 1% Better

July 15th, 2010

Jim Collins’ international best-selling book “Good to Great” contains many helpful ideas for improving your business and in many ways your life also. One concept that sometimes gets lost in the bunch is the notion of ‘1000 things 1% better.’ This idea is not completely new, psychologists have a fancy version of this phenomenon called the “availability heuristic.”

If Only…

Rather than focus too narrowly on one aspect of your business you might keep in mind that success in business is seldom one activity performed 1000% better. This is a conceptual trap that it’s easy to fall into. Have you ever overheard a conversation that sounds something like this? “If we could only secure a spot at the (blank) trade show.” Or, “if only our (blank) was changed, we’d be swamped with new orders!”

Prioritized Success

Instead, you should always clearly focus on important functional strategies that will make the greatest difference to your business success. It could be marketing, client services, new product development, employee training, controlling costs or any number of business improvements that you have assessed as a must do success factor for your business’s survival and growth.

Too Much or Too Little Focus?

Beware of focusing your complete attention on any one area of your venture for too long. Make a list of all of the things that are vital to your success and consult this list from time to time to ensure that you are still on the right track. Working with a business advisor or regularly reading entrepreneurial books, articles and blogs can help broaden your perspective and boost your profitability.

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Business Success Tips: Dividing Tasks to Concur

July 11th, 2010

The idea of “divide and concur” may have military roots but the wisdom behind this thinking may be the best way to tackle your ever-growing pile of tasks.

In his book “Getting Things Done,” management consultant David Allen details many ways that we can get control over the never-ending carousel of business and personal obligations. In a nutshell, what Allen and historical military figures are suggesting are quite similar – break your tasks down into manageable parts.

Moving It Forward

In order to successfully complete a task what you need is a defined set of activities. For example, to plan a vacation you might need to co-ordinate schedules with your traveling companion, book a flight, choose a hotel, buy clothing, renew your passport and many other “activities.” Taking a minute to record and coordinate each of the tasks that must be performed serves two powerful purposes.

Lightening the Load

The first benefit of dividing and recording tasks is that it moves a huge mental weight of out of your subconscious. When you are confident that you have captured the steps necessary to have the voyage of a lifetime you can stop thinking about the overwhelming list of things you have to do.

Achieving More Progress

The second benefit is that once activities are captured then you can easily plan their completion. During your next lunch break you can renew your passport and then check it off the list. Next time you have a break between your work activities you might glance at you “Vacation” list and decide to call a travel agent.

By tackling the planning in this bite-sized fashion you have effectively divided and concurred your vacation planning. Whether a simple piece of paper, a computer program, or a smart phone application, dividing, recording, and executing tasks in manageable parts is a powerful tool in the hands of any busy executive / domestic warrior.

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Bridal Tips to Share: What is in your bridal emergency kit?

April 5th, 2010

What a nice wedding show – the place was buzzing!

Our company attended the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show in Denver at the end of August. About 450 brides and their family and friends visited. What a nice show – the place was buzzing!

A Bridal Emergency Kit: What is your most valuable item?

Beside showing our personalized bridal bags, we displayed a bridal emergency kit checklist. Our display started some interesting conversations about the most useful items. One women suggested that baby powder should be added to our checklist. It saved her wedding gown right before she needed to start down the aisle. Her dress had been badly smudged with lip stick and the baby powder swept it away.

Add your your most valuable item to our blog!

Your responses will be showcased in our next newsletter. Join in the conversation – help yourself and other brides collect their kit.

Gift Idea Revealed: the most personal wedding tote

April 19th, 2009

Looking for a personalized wedding gift idea, or maybe just a short entertainment break?

Watch our “Wedding Jitters” animation video as a bride experiences a little nervousness as she readies for her wedding ceremony. It contains our gift idea for the bride, maid of honor, or even the mother of the bride – its the most personal wedding tote.

Bizzbag: Luxury Personalized Wedding Tote is as Unique as Each Bride

April 15th, 2009

As a bride looks for memorable and unique ways to embellish her wedding, she will be especially pleased with her signature fabric on a personalized wedding tote from Bizz Bag, Inc. The innovative, stylish handbag adds sparkle to her bridal activities by featuring her initials or wedding monogram on a personalized bride bag – a classic handbag with a fashion savvy print that lasts well beyond the nuptials.

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) April 13, 2009 — For the bride who insists on uncompromising fashion, Bizz Bag, Inc. announces an innovative line of personalized wedding totes on which to bestow her signature style. “Brides look for novel ideas that can add an emotional sparkle into their activities so they are as memorable and joyous as possible,” says Mary W. Brophy, CEO of Bizz Bag, Inc. “Our custom wedding tote adds that spark with a unique, quality and prestigious design that is useful after her nuptials.”

Wedding tote featuring bride's monogram in personalized print.

Wedding tote featuring bride’s
monogram in personalized print.

“This personalized bride bag is an innovation that integrates the bride’s initials throughout the handbag’s fabric print similar to designer logo bags, but the logo is hers,” states Brophy. Bizz Bag commissioned a top textile designer to create these fabric patterns. Spending extravagant amounts on a designer handbag is impractical for many women, but a high quality custom bag satisfies the desire at an accessible price.

“Another reason this unique tote is gathering status is that brides adore a related trend: monogrammed themed weddings,” adds Brophy. Brides can use their tote as they plan the wedding: going to appointments, visiting venues and traveling to the ceremony and honeymoon. Totes bags are not only wonderful gifts for the bride from her family or friends, but also for the bridesmaid or maid of honor from the bride. Giving a logo bag is not only an expression of appreciation, but a gift that any woman will treasure — the ultimate personalized accessory.

Bizzbags are easy to order online using the bride’s initials, name or other monogram. An extraordinary accessory, the tote bag is offered in a variety of prints suitable for formal, casual and destination weddings. Starting from $179, each tote bag is crafted with leather handles, trim and hardware in coordinated combinations. The tote has a fully lined interior with a zipper pocket inside. Each custom shoulder bag is individually constructed and shipped in 6 weeks.

About Bizz Bag, Inc.:

Bizz Bag sells and manufactures personalized logo accessories – perfect for the bride showing off her monogram or for business women flaunting her business logo. Featuring high quality fabric, leather handles and unique fabric designs, trend-setting women love adding their signature touch as they design and share their logos. The bags are available in tote, laptop, portfolio and messenger styles. Our products are crafted in the U.S.A. All items can be designed and purchased online at and are shipped in 6 weeks to your door – ready for an afternoon out on the town. Bizz Bag, Inc. has been producing customer-designed fabric since 1994.