Gift Choices

Women on the Go

Women on the go

Bizzbag highlights these fashionable and highly functional logo bags that are ideal for the business woman on the go. Simply select the best style that fits your needs. If you can't choose, order more than one and you will receive a bonus.

Professional Public Speaker


Its a novel and smart tool to announce your latest creation while traveling or during conferences. Your 'book on a bag'  will  attract thousands of eyes to your latest title, without having to say a word. Your business savvy will reward you as it rises above the media clutter and off the shelf.

Professional Public Speakers

Use the book, computer, or travel tote to creatively showcase your brand to those around you that you want to and need to impress. As you reach for your latest book or product in this stylish bag, people will take note and remember the fashionable and unique logo bag. Creating a lasting impression isn't easy, but generating the buzz can be.


Girlfriend's Weekender


Set a tradition with your girlfriends, create your own weekender bag that has a customized look unique to your own friends. Think of this as the Sex in the City© bag that can become a proud addition to your weekend adventures together.


Are you part of a charity? This is a great way for members to proudly showcase their affiliation and your organization can make money. If you order in bulk, Bizzbag will donate a percentage to your charity or club. Use it as a fund raiser or simply to flaunt your club membership. Either way you can have fun.

BFF Club - Gifts for Best Friends

What do you and your BFF get each other to show your level of friendship? Why not splurge on matching BFF bags that you can proudly wear that have your own BFF design on them. They will be unique to the two of you and will tell the world that you have your own identity.

Exclusive Club

Exclusive Club

Are you part of an exclusive club? Want to make membership feel even more exclusive? Create a custom one-of-a-kind design that is unique to your club. Only members can order the stylish personalized logo bags and will proudly flaunt their exclusive membership.